The best thing about this place is the food! Try the Nirvana Chicken SOOOOO GOOD! The other nice thing is the owner hangs out there to over see the place and he comes by to personally make sure you are enjoying your time there and your meal. Was a real nice change from most of the snooty restaurants in LA.

Vincent W. Packard, Los Angeles, CA

“Brilliant Indian Restaurant.” I have only been to Electric Karma for dinner once, and the meal was superb. I remember an exquisite lamb that my fiance ordered, and a beautifully done Chicken Korma for me. I would highly recommend this restaurant for dinner to anyone. Now, I am into the habit of going everyday to the restaurant, cause they have an outstanding service……….I recommend everyone to dine in………hurry up…..don’t wait.

JohnLukeHeart007, Los Angeles, CA

“Great date spot.” Delicious Indian food. I went here with hopes of satisfying my coconut curry cravings. It was a success. It was hard to choose a dish, but I went with the Chef’s Chicken, Basmati Rice and Naan. It was delicious. The chicken was tender and the curry was perfect! The Naan was wonderful and I actually wasn’t all that impressed with the rice. The service was excellent. The only thing that I could complain about was the “doggie bag” service. We didn’t eat even half of what we ordered, so they took our leftovers to the back to package it all up for us. Later when we opened up our leftovers, hardly any of them were in the bag. What happened to my Chef’s Chicken?! Sad. Still a success, I will defiantly go back. Just don’t get anything “to go”.

310Molly, Los Angeles, CA